Campbell Avenu

RN: 204 Address: No.134, Ngar Htet Gyi Pagoda Road, Bahan Township.
Year: 2016 Storey: 2B + 15
Company: U Thar Oo+Daw Khin Ma Ma Yin Building Type:
Category: Status:
Design Status:
Project Status
Architecture 1. Submitted Architectural Drawing (1)set which is HIC Approval.
2. Presented Conceptual Architectural Presentation for Pile Load Test. (15.8.16)
3. Not submitted yet final drawing.
Structure 1. PLT presentation. (15.8.16)
2. UPLT recommended.(12.9.2016)
3. WPLT recommended. (13.3.2017)
4. Remind to submit WPLT report. (9.4.18)
5. Waiting to submit WPLT report and foundation presentation.
Electrical 1. Not submitted yet.
ACMV 1. Not submitted yet.
Water and Sanitation 1. Not submitted yet.