LSK Service Apartment and Residence

RN: 199 Address: No.(1E-406A/4B & 2E-406C/1), Shwegonedine Road, Middle Shwegonedine Quarter, Bahan Township.
Year: 2016 Storey: 3B + 21
Company: LOI SENG KHAM Co.,Ltd. Building Type:
Category: Status:
Design Status:
Project Status
Architecture 1. Presented Conceptual Architectural Presentation. (3.8.15)
2. Sent comment reply to HIC. (6.8.15)
3. Submitted Architectural drawing (4)sets for pile load test. (27.6.2016)
4. Full set of final Architectural drawing are not submitted yet.
Structure 1. Do not Submit Structure Documents.
2. Remind to submit Documents (3.4.2017)
3. Recommended for PLTs (12.6.2017)
4. Waiting for PLTs reports and Structure
5. Waiting for DE Documents and Presentation
6. Recommended for Piling to proceed with
Method-3 from CQHP. (23.1.2018)
Electrical 1. Not submitted yet.
ACMV 1. Not submitted yet.
Water and Sanitation 1. Not submitted yet.