B+20 Storeyed Office Building(Awba Tower)

RN: 191 Address: No(10)Pyay Road,Hlaing Township
Year: 2016 Storey: B + 20
Company: Heritage Property Development Co.,Ltd Building Type:
Category: Status:
Design Status:
Project Status
Architecture 1.Waiting Architectural Revised Design.
2.Delay from Company.
Structure 1. Presentation for PLT. (18.1.16)
2. Pile load test recommended. (25.2.16)
3. Recommended DE. (18.5.16)
4. Remined letter for PLT. (1.8.16)
5. Company reply letter. (9.8.16)
6. Received Letter from company that they will change structure design and will submit again, (5.4.2017)
7. Waiting Structural Revised Design.
Electrical 1. Not submitted yet.
ACMV 1. Not submitted yet.
Water and Sanitation 1. Not submitted yet.