8 Miles Project

RN: 180 Address: No 106,Pyay Road , Mayangone Township
Year: 2015 Storey: 5B + (22 Storeyed & 30 Storeyed)
Company: Living Square Co.,Ltd. Building Type: Commercial + Residential
Category: Status:
Design Status:
Project Status
Architecture 1. Not Presented Final Presentation and Final full set of Architectural Drawing and documents.
2. Delay From Company.
Structure 1. Pile load test recommended.(10.2.15)
2. Remind again for comment (22.7.15)
3. Presentation for Diaphragm wall.(10.9.15)
4. Send comments for Diaphragm wall.(12.10.15)
5.Submit data for CQHP comments about Diaphragm wall.(27.11.15)
6. Submit ULT-1 reports.(18.1.16)
7. Received Etabs and Safe for Foundation.(22.2.16)
8. Foundation and DE presentation.(17.3.16)
15. Send comments( Archi drawing and Etabs).(12.5.16)
9. Submit Etabs and Safe model.(25.5.16)
10. Send comment for pilling.(12.6.16)
11. Reply comments.(17.6.16)
12. Send comment for pilling again.(20.6.16)
13. Pilling Recommended.(12.7.16)
14. Send comment about DE.(21.7.16)
15. Discussion about CQHP ‘s DE comments.(6.9.16)
16. Waiting for comment reply.
Electrical 1. Not submitted yet.
ACMV 1. Not submitted yet.
Water and Sanitation 1. Not submitted yet.