Kone Myint Thar Office & Service Apartment Project

RN: 183 Address: No.69/A, Pyay Road, Mayangone Township.
Year: 2015 Storey: 2B + 25
Company: ဦးသာခင္ Building Type: Residential + Office
Category: Status:
Design Status:
Project Status
Architecture 1. Presented Conceptual Architectural Presentation. (19.10.15)
2. Sent comment reply to HIC. (22.10.15)
3. Sent Architectural Drawing (1)Set for HIC Approval. (11.1.16)
4. Not Presented Final Presentation and Final full set of Architectural Drawing and documents.
Structure 1. Not Submitted YCDC letter and documents.
Electrical 1. Not submitted yet.
ACMV 1. Not submitted yet.
Water and Sanitation 1. Not submitted yet.